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Online Punjabi Teacher provides a safe and comfortable environment to learn a language how it’s supposed to be learnt… by speaking it out loud while in the expert arms of a professional.


Learn Punjabi today!

Learn to Speak Punjabi Online Quickly and Easily

  • Want to learn how to speak Punjabi quickly and in the comfort of your own space?
  • Need to improve your current knowledge of Punjabi?
  • Want to teach your children and kids Punjabi?
  • Not keen on learning Punjabi at a Punjabi School by some random Aunty Ji?
  • Just imagine being able to talk to your grand parents and hold a conversation in Punjabi!

Free 20 minute consultation

By learning it online, you are free to tailor your lessons to learn when and where you want. All you need is a computer, laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. It’s that simple!

Whether you want to learn Punjabi yourself or want to give the gift of Punjabi to someone you know, click below or go to the ‘Enrol Now’ page to sign up for your free 20 minute consultation!

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Low Cost

Most low cost one-on-one private tuition around – prices are upto 60% less than a home tutor, so you get more for less

Safe Learning

Our teachers provide a comfortable, safe and fun learning environment

Free Consultation

Free 20 minute consultation to test drive and learn more about the service

Multiple Courses

Both adult Punjabi learning courses and children & kids Punjabi learning courses available


Highly Skilled Teachers

Highly skilled teachers fluent in both English & Punjabi, making it easier to learn faster

Flexible Learning

Ability to learn when you want and where you want – it’s all about convenience


Custom Learning

Lessons can be tailored to the needs of the student to ensure maximum learning

All Backgrounds Welcome

There are no minimum requirements, so all backgrounds and individuals are welcome to learn Punjabi

Punjabi Courses for Adults, Punjabi Courses for Children & Kids

Our teachers are both specialised in teaching Punjabi to adults and teaching Punjabi to children and kids. Our courses are tailored for both sets of groups, making learning Punjabi effective. Our adult Punjabi students get the correct advanced level of teaching, and our child Punjabi students are stimulated and learn Punjabi in an enjoyable way, giving them the right foundation of Punjabi to continue their learning with. For more information, get in touch with us via the free 20 minute consultation or via the Contact Us page.

What students have said about our service

I have been wanting to learn Punjabi for some time, but as the only option I had available was my local Gurdwara it put me off, luckily I found out about Online Punjabi Teacher and now can finally learn Punjabi one on one. I feel so much better with myself knowing that I can speak Punjabi.


Great way to learn Punjabi fast


My older siblings bought me some of these Punjabi lessons as a present, and it probably has been the most rewarding present I have received as I can finally speak to my elders in Punjabi and have built better relationships with them that I couldn’t have done before.


I signed up for the Adult’s course as there were so many things I was stuck on when it came to speaking Punjabi. My Online Punjabi Teacher was able to take me through them and show me the rules of Punjabi that I needed to know. My teacher was very patient and went at a pace that I was comfortable with. Definitely recommend this to those who want to learn Punjabi.


Very informative teaching and great thing is I can learn in the comfort of my own space


My family are impressed at how much I have learnt in a short space of time!


I needed to learn Punjabi quite quickly as I was getting married and wanted to be able to speak to my inlaws, after a couple of months worth of lessons I can now converse confidently!


After trying Punjabi schools at Community Centres, we realised that our child wasn’t getting the level of attention they needed to learn Punjabi properly. We found out about Online Punjabi Teacher from a friend and signed up straight away after their great review. Our child is now learning Punjabi and has made lots of progress. We definitely recommend the children’s Punjabi course to all parents who are looking to teach their kids Punjabi.

Proud Parent

Learn to Speak Punjabi Online Quickly and Easily! Online Punjabi Teaching for Everyone!
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